My Story

I'm Nakita, founder and designer of Chynni.

I've always loved Indian fashion and wished I could wear pieces more often. When I was working as an engineer, I would drape saris on my dress form after work to find new ways of wearing a sari.

My hobby turned into my obsession, and it wasn't long before I decided to switch careers and go back to school for fashion design. Between projects and homework, I would find time to design and create my own blouses and saris.

Then one day I decided I wasn't going to buy another sari. I was going make and wear my own. That's when I started Chynni.

My Philosophy

I believe we deserve more.

To love and laugh more.
To dream more.
To feel more beautiful and sexy.
To live the sweet side of life more.

That's why with each of my Chynni designs, you get more. 

So that you don't just get the outfit of your dreams, but the outfit you deserve.

I follow three core philosophies: impeccable style, accurate fit, and superior quality.