August 18, 2014

6 Things You Didn't Know About Chynni (that will blow your mind):

1. Machine Washable

Don't let dry cleaning be the reason you can't wear your favorite sari.

Chynni blouses, petticoats AND saris are all machine washable. Throw it (gently, of course) in a delicate cycle and let them air dry. This means, Chynni is not only easy to wear, but also easy to manage.


2. Comfortable Petticoats

In the age of elastic, spandex, and all things stretchy, why are petticoats still the same?

Available in S-M-L sizes, Chynni petticoats are ready to keep you going all day. The elasticized waistband is not just more comfortable to wear for hours, but stays snug as well. Added bonus: there's a hidden drawstring at the waist if it you like it a little tighter.


3. Half & Half Saris are reversible

Want to wear a sari again, but feel like its been too soon? Wear it in reverse to get a completely different look. All of our half & half saris are reversible, meaning it can be worn two ways, for two completely different looks.


4. Blouses and Saris can be mixed and matched

Like one blouse, but want another sari? We got you. 

Each Chynni collection is designed as a group of separates. This means that there is more than just one look for each blouse and sari. Mix and match your favorite pieces to create an outfit that is unique to you.


5. Petticoats have a secret pocket.

No purse? No problem. Chynni petticoats are designed with a secret pocket, meant specifically for carrying cards, keys or cash. It's so secret, no one will even know anything's there. 


6. Blouses double as kicka$$ crop tops.

If you love wearing Indian fashion as much as I do, then this is the icing on the cake. Chynni blouses can easily double as super sexy crop tops. Paired best with maxis and midis, these blouses are more than your average sari blouse.