July 02, 2014

WILCARD Wednesday - Taking Stock

Making : Space in the studio for more creative thinking!
Cooking : Chicken Tikka Masala with Fresh and Easy's jar of ready made sauce. 
Drinking : Spicy Vuvuzela from BJ's Restaurant and Brewery :) YUM.
Reading: All the blog posts on Maker's Row, because they somehow know what I always need. 
Wanting: To go to New York this summer, once and for all. 
Watching: The World Cup and feeling depressed. I believed that we would win. 
Playing: Cards with the family until 2 in the morning. :)
Wasting: Time and catching up on soccer on the Univision Deportes app!
Wishing: Nutella was actually healthy. 
Enjoying: Game of Thrones date nights with the hubby. This show is ridiculous. 
Waiting: For new seasons to start up this fall. I can't take anymore of this torture. 
Liking: The fact that we don't have to wear a jacket this time of year.
Wondering: If someone will actually go to Alfredo Barsuglia's Social Pool.
Loving: Five Seconds of Summer's song "Don't Stop."
Hoping: For great opportunities to come my way this fall. 
Marveling: At how Mexico's goalie, Guillermo Ochoa looks exactly like Josh Radnor (How I Met Your Mother's Ted Mosby)! TWINSIES.
Needing: Some quality DIY time with my sewing machine. 
Smelling: The sweet scent of a new adventure.
Wearing: Hanes' men's white V-necks because they're the best boyfriend T-shirts of all time.
Noticing: That everyone is traveling! 
Knowing: That it's time to shake things up. 
Thinking: About possibly setting up shop in downtown! 
Bookmarking: Yanis Marshall's and his boys' performance to a Beyonce medley. Almost as fierce as the Goddess herself. Consider this bookmarked forever. 
Opening: Yet another box of Honey Nut Cheerios. Such a staple in my life. 
Giggling: At everything. 
Feeling: Blessed to have such amazing loved ones. You know who you are. :)


Inspired by A Pretty Penny. Muchos gracias!